Welcome Hounds

I wanted to thank you for finding the Website. Keep an eye out over the next few months as this site evolves to what everyone has wanted and needed.

Keep your eye to opportunities to provide input into the site. The goal is to have a fully functioning site by Homecoming 2019.

The top seven sections were suggested by you in the Facebook Alumni page. If you think there should be other sections, please do not hesitate to email me directly at cathy.hennes@outlook.com. We will work to incorporate as this site is for all to enjoy and use.


Cathy Hennes
(Cathy Valliere, Class of 1989)


Under this link, you'll be able to see a calendar of activities for the high school and alumni happenings. Updates will be available shortly showing the full calendar and how to add your own activities. This will be open to all alumni to post, but unapproved activities will be deleted.

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Alumni Pages

This will become a blog-type section with every year's graduating class. You can post within your specific graduating class, and can post/comment on other classes. We want everyone to interact with each other. Being a Greyhound is about family and inclusion!

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Alumni Bios

Under the Bios section, this will be an access-restricted portion of the site, for alumni to submit their contact information for everyone to see. When you are looking for lost classmates, start here, or go to your Alumni Page and start posts for those you are searching out.

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Photo Gallery

Under this link, you'll be add your photos for everyone to see. If you have access to the page, you'll be able to see the images. It will be interesting to see all of the older images, plus the current.

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This section will be specifically for the digitized yearbooks. Due to the costs of the digitizing, once this area is ready, you may need to pay a small fee to get access. We are working to digitize all years from the first year in 1963. The determination has not been set yet as to how current we will go with digitizing, but it will not be immediately current. More to follow.

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In Memorium

We are all not getting any younger. More and more of our Greyhound family have passed on. This section will allow us to memorialize them, talk about them etc.

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Business Connection

Many of us Greyhounds have started our own businesses. This section will allow us to create a business directory that others can use to find and use our fellow Hounds in business.

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Next Steps...

Just to let everyone know, the management and maintenance of this site is not free. We have had suggestions for the creation of a donation section to allow everyone to help with the costs associated with this site. We are NOT asking for the school or administration to foot the bills for this site. This is OUR site, and we should be the ones paying for it. The costs associated with the page will be posted for everyone to see. (button will be working soon as well)